Not a world record Snowman but the biggest ever seen in Sheridan Close
'Come on in, the water's lovely!'
The technique
Note the watcher in the window!  'That will be just the job for that dratted pup they've just acquired'
so what did the person who institigated all this effort find when he got back from work late the next evening? This vehicle parked in the hard won space. Nobody to do with Sheridan Close, of course. It's pretty obvious that Sheridan Close is only accessible because of hard work on somebody's part but 'hey so what, I'm parking here anyway'  
another visitor on his way up my window. I'm wondering why he has climbed out of the border tubs under the window where he must have a much better chance of survival in this bitter weather. I'm feeding the birds, of course, but I don't think I have anything of interest for this little fellow