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Frampton is a very small village in West Dorset.  Situated on the A356 Dorchester to Crewkerne road and the A37 Dorchester to Yeovil road, west of the junction at Grimstone, it still maintains its rural aspect and character. Frampton is surrounded by beautiful countryside and has many footpaths and bridleways for walkers.  There are several places to park and walk and the cyclepath from Dorchester to Maiden Newton runs through the park from Muckleford to Southover and on to Frome Vauchurch  

The source of the Frome is at Evershot. The River Hooke joins at Maiden Newton by the bridge at the western end.  The water meadows run on the flood plain of the Frome all the way to Wareham where the river flows into Poole Harbour.Peacock Bridge is made of Broadmayne brick and faced with Portland Stone.  The river was widened & straightened here so that the Squire had a suitably enhanced entrance to Frampton Park.

It dates from late 18thC and is on the circular walk round the Park and  village as is Sandways (also known as Samways or the White) Bridge.
This face is visible between the arches on the upstream side
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The background photo is of Church Bottom taken from the track from Longlands

Alan Downton
Registered Waste collection
Sand, gravel, compost delivered
Light Removals
view upstream to the Millennium Green
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Maiden Newton Potato Fair
Saturday 24th February
10.30am  to 2.00pm
Free Admission