Dorchester Road May 2008
Garden Cross (female) Peacock Lodge 2003 
tiny specimen ~ 2mm  indoors
~0.5cm Araniella curcurbitina  left Peacock Lodge May 08 centre/right Sheridan Close June 2010 (commonly called a cucumber spider!)
Tegenaria silvestris? ~3-4mm
Sheridan Close 2/7/08
Neriene peltata Metlands 2/7/08
pin head size green spider!  the 'cocoon' was what caught my eye.  The spider kept going back to it Metlands 2/7/08
this larger spider has a 'cocoon' similar to the spider immediately above and also seems to be the same species as the one above that.  The untidy web had several aphids caught in it but one small green creature was a baby spider similar to the above row Metlands 3/7/08
and then there was this one, same again, who would appear to be adding to its web in an Orange Blossom flower Sheridan Close 3/7/08
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Tetragnatha montana Peacock Lodge 3/7/08
Common  Garden Orb Weaver? Peacock Lodge  23/6/08
Pisaura MirabilisSouthover 16/10/08
My favourite so far.  Practically every fence post in the Park between the lime trees and the turning to Metlands had a little colony of these freshly hatched spiders running about on top of each. I thought at first they were ants (they are 2-3mm) but then I could see them running across web strands.  Once loaded onto the computer I could count legs as well.  17/10/08
Sheridan Close 15/09/2010
the background colour is a recycle bag so a garden spider but not one I've seen a lot of. 

Jumping spider Salticus scenicus
~ 3mm  indoors 1/7/08
Peacock Bridge 9/6/08 ~0.5 cm
baby 'cucumber' spider?
Sitticus pubescens Peacock Bridge 2/8/2010
photographed 21/12/2010.
The white in the background is several inches of snow and it was bitterly cold.  I don't know why this one has set off from my plant tubs under the window but I hope he retreated before he got too cold.  It looks like the Teganaria further up the page
I watched this male and female for some time.  The on-going manoevres by the male were made even more interesting by the presence of another male off to the side of these two.  Each time the female was particularly concentrating on the first male, the second one made a small advance.  When she 'glared ' in his direction the first male made a small advance. They were all very small spiders in quite substantial undergrowth beside Dave and Maggie's pond.  I had to give up after about an hour of this excitement so I never did know whether it was a happy ending all round or not  Summer 2009
spiderlings, probably garden spiders, Sheridan Close. Summer 2016
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