rose leaf eggs
much magnified
Sheridan Close 2005
all three on plants growing in water Peacock Lodge 2003
Dorchester Road 2005
on the river bank 2008 & everywhere else
These tiny cocoons are on a variety of plantlife in Frampton Park and looked like seed pods at first glance, especially as they were on top of their anchorage.  Each had a green grub inside probably Hoverfly
The 'crystals' are on sycamore leaves in Harry's Wood.  Could be different stages of the same insect.
another oddity in Harry's Wood
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all photographs DS
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The background photo is from a pony paddock at Frampton House May 2008
Mayfly on Welted Thistle
river bank  9/6/08
Mayfly on stone in river, Harry's Wood
I think this mayfly had been splashed by my dog leaping about in the water.  It was struggling a bit but soon righted itself and I took this photo as it prepared for take-off.  The veining and the smaller hind wing are well defined.
I intended to take photos of the thistles but soon realised that mayflies were coming in to rest on them. I managed quite a few decent photos of a species which are not easy to image as, like dragonflies, they rarely stop moving
Mating flight
Peacock Bridge early evening, late May

The column was several metres high with hundreds of mayflies rising and falling. I pointed the camera skyward and kept clicking.  This is simply the exposure with most mayflies in focus (more or less)
ants and aphids
May 2008
Sawfly? Rogogaster veridis
left: the bright green aphids & red ants were on nettles on the river bank
right: the pale green aphids were on brambles beside a pond at Peacock Lodge
Eggs, Cocoons, Nests
Snail-killing Fly?
This one looks ready for off while the one below is out in the big wide world
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