Pollen Beetles
Dorchester Road 2004
Meadow Grasshopper
Chorthippus parallelus
Dark Bush Cricket
Pholidoptera griseoaptera
Sheridan Close 2006
Sheridan Close 2004
Frampton Park 2002
Frampton Natural History Pages
small creatures
all photographs DS
initials indicate finder
identifications gratefully received
Weevil Phyllobius pomaceus
River bank May 2008
beetle Oedemera nobilis
left: male      right: female
The background photo is from a pony paddock at Frampton House May 2008
Seven spot ladybird
Coccinella 7-punctata
Southover 2007
May 2008 roadside
soldier beetle
Rhagonycha fulva
river bank 8/6/08
Metlands June 2008
possibly Lesser Stag Beetle
Common Green Grasshopper
Omocestus viridulus  2007
Frampton Park
Oak Bush Crickets
Meconema thallasiniuuim
Metlands Wood 24/6/08
Beetles & Bugs
Crickets and Grasshoppers
Great Green Bush Cricket
Dorchester Road 28/6/08
Dorchester Road 28/6/08
At no time did I see a male on the same flower as the female
Dock Bug
Dorchester Road 24/6/08
Mint Leaf Beetle
Chrysolina menthastri
Peacock Lodge24/6 & 2/7/08
Green Shield Bug Larva
Millennium Green 2004
Clava 14-guttata
GW Metlands 2004

Woodlouse Sheridan Close 3/7/08, easy to see how these creatures roll into a ball
Frampton Park 2008
Harlequin Ladybird
Harmonia oxyridis spectabilis
Peacock Lodge 24 June 2008
Peacock Bridge 2008
Longhorn Beetle Frampton Park 2008
suddenly appeared on my window one sunny day 2009.  I let it out, of course.  Longhorn possibly female
Shieldbug instar Millennium Green 2010
Sheridan Close 2010
H succinia Harry's Wood 2010
Garden Chafer  Phyllopertha horticola
Metlands June 2010
Ladybird larva Harry's Wood 2010
Timarcher tendsicosa 2010
May Bug (cockchafer) 2010
Lily Beetle Sheridan Close 2010
Sheridan Close 2010
Shieldbug Instar Southover 2010
Ladybird larva Peacock Bridge 2010
Peacock Bridge 2007
Maybug  Sheridan Close 2009
(not a) Wasp
White Tail Bumble Bee?
Red Tail Bumble Bee?
Bee or Hoverfly?
Bee or Hoverfly?
Red Tail Bumble Bee?
Swarm of honeybees, Muckleford 2010.  They were far too busy to take any notice of me though I made my dog lie down at a safe distance.  He might have fancied the stick they were clinging to!
ground nesting bees, Sheridan Close October 2016
landing, digging, re-emerging
mostly just into the shallow soil layer but some were deeper into the chalk
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