brachiopods Frampton Park & Dorchester Road
bivalves Dorchester Road
Bryozoans Frampton Park & Dorchester Road
Coral Frampton Park
Sponge Dorchester Road
Sea Urchins Frampton Park, Dorchester Road, Church Lane
Starfish Church Lane
Chalcedony Frampton Park
The fossils on this page have been found in the Frampton area by DS except where initials indicate otherwise. Photographs DS throughout
all signs of large scale geological disturbances some 25 Million years ago, Dorchester Road
ongoing natural  geological processes
Frampton Park and Dorchester Road, acid Tertiary deposits eat into the alkaline Chalk
geological processes some 10,000 years ago when ice ages ruled.  Winter freeze and summer thaw resulted in mass movement down slope
pebble bank in the Frome, always being shifted by the frequent high water events
soil creep & sand ripples
Church Bottom
a favourite mineralisation process of mine. I have collected samples from various parts of Dorset & from France
man made erosional processes
building blocks of chalk & flint
Frampton Fossils
rock has moved against rock