Clouded Yellow
Church Bottom 2004 & 2005
Frampton Natural History Pages
all photographs DS
Orange Tip and Marbled White seen but not yet photographed in Frampton
Dorchester Road 2003
Small Copper
photographed Church Bottom
& Southover
Meadow Brown
most frequently seen butterfly 2008

Dorchester Road 2002.
Red Admiral

fantastic detail on a very obliging butterfly
Dorchester Road
Frampton Park 2005
Sheridan Close 2/8/08

Sheridan Close & Southover 2003
Small Skipper
photographed Dorchester Road 2005
Speckled Wood

Small Tortoiseshell
Dorchester Road, Sheridan Close, Frampton Park 2003-5
Brimstone female Sheridan Close 26/8/08
2005 Sheridan Close
Sheridan Close 26/08/08
Harry's Wood  1/7/08
Painted Lady
Southover 2003 & Metlands 2005
2002 Sandway Bridge
Southover  22/6/08
Sheridan Close 2/8/08
Peacock Lodge 2000
Rose Garden 2002
Frampton Park
and 2009
Sheridan Close with hoverfly 15/08/08
Sheridan Close
2002 and 2008
on borage Southover 2008
Sheridan Close and Harry's Wood 2008
Southover 28/07/09
Southover and
Frampton Park
Southover 28/7/09
the butterfly on the left clearly shows the underwing mark which gives it its name
Painted Lady (L) Comma (R) Southover 28/07/09
Brimstone female Sheridan Close 2009
Southover 28/07/09
Brimstone Male Sheridan Close 2009
Males much more yellow than the females which can be easily mistaken for Large Whites
There were hundreds of female Orange Tip flitting round the paddock next to Peacock Lodge 2009.  Unfortunately, they were very active and I wasn't so all I got were very poor photographs.  I hope for better luck another time.
Male and female Orange Tip seen in Harry's Wood behind the village hall May 2017. Too fast for a photograph