Maintenance of the flood drainage ditch at Frampton Village Hall April 2008
all information and photos DS

The pipe under the A356 had become filled with soil washed down off the fields to the north of the road.  It wasn't just the road which filled with water before the pipe was put in, the two ancient cottages, either side of the drive to the old school, also flooded. The improvements to the A37 had resulted in a far greater volume of water spilling down the steep hillside to the north of the road.  This was then channelled under the railway via a field  bridge. There was a pond in the field tbehind the cottages which used to cope admirably with water run-off until both the A37 and pig farming upset the balance.  Once that problem was solved by the drainage pipe under the road, the 'pond' was promptly built on which proved quite an interesting situation in subsequent years.
and then there's a problem above Southover.  Apparently the run-off from the field opposite the new houses is depositing mud in the road which is running down round their doorways. It didn't matter too much when the area was a farmyard, of course.  So they have filled in the channels, dug by the highways team specifically to get the water off the steep road to Longlands.  Npw, of course, the water will end up in the road out of Southover and will exacerbate the problems with flood water from the river
This is the drain from the Southover Road to the river which frequently needs sorting out.  Essential work for usual 'normal' rainfall but, come when it rises, the river backfills the drain anyway and fills the road.  The seat is on a raised path.  The black 'spot' in the centre is the top of  a 3ft post
April Showers 2008
from bottom left anti-clockwise
a sequence taken from above and below Tibbs Hollow, past the Rose Gardens and down to Sandways Bridge.  Winter storms, of course, tip a lot more down the hill to meet the river moving up the road
photo:Rene Green