Village Fete
Sunday 1st July 2018
2.00 pm onward on the Millennium Green
contact 01300 
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provided, maintained and financed by DS
Frampton Village Skittles
Saturday 30th June 2018
childrens' games and skittles
7.00pm onwards
 BBQ and Bar
adults skittles
 All in the village hall
Young skittlers get a chance to hone their talents

Young skittlers had a great time though some used unconventional means to get the balls down the alley.  One 'babe in arms' used methods normally associated with football (with his dad's assistance).  There were plenty of other games for them to amuse themselves with as well as the skittles. Hotdogs and beefburgers, bottles of pop for the children and a bar for the adults kept everybody happily occupied until 'closing time'.
Fetes of yesteryears which have been held in various venues in the village