30th January 2010: Bozhidar is from Bulgaria on a two year photography course in Bournemouth. His final project is on villages. He found the Frampton website and asked if he could visit the village so I took him round the area five times over a period of weeks.  Hopefully we will have some of his photographs on this page eventually.  Boz has not been too impressed with the activities of UK students.  His parents paid for his course and expect him to get on with it. It was bitterly cold the day we started (30th January) as, no doubt, the Millennium Green volunteers would agree.  DS
February 23rd:  Another bitterly cold day and this time it's raining as well so he took photographs indoors most of the time
21st March:  The weather was improving but still rather chilly.  We were lucky though that Frampton Footlights were clearing up after a performance so there were plenty of photo opportunities.  Boz was astonished that they had gone to the trouble of having t-shirts printed for the occasion.  He also remarked on the number of dog walkers we encountered every time he visited!
7th April  and a view of one of the considerable number of accidents occuring regularly along the Dorchester road (though this was rather more spectacular than many of them).  I think you could safely say we managed an eclectic view of village life although, of course, it would have been even better if 'summer events' had been on.  As his 'essay' had to be submitted by the end of May that wasn't possible
25th April.  A final round up.  Some new locations and the viaduct  reconsidered.  He had looked at NFC from the 'front' on the first and not thought it worth photographing.  This time he asked thoughtfully was there a rear view though I'm not sure whether he thought the trek across the field was worth it!