Frampton Natural History Pages
birds, snakes, slow worms & one or two other interests
mostly photographed in Frampton Park  over a number of years, all by DS except where indicated otherwise
Moorhen 2008 photo Mike Keene
click on photo for more of Mike's photos
One Cormorant 2007
these were taken in colour but the approaching storm meant only the yellow beaks showed any 
young adder 2007
young Grass Snake 2004
Badger workings: 2002
note the trail from one sett to the other
Grey Heron and Little Egret 2007
  hard frost and heavy mist
Two Cormorants 2007
We have increasing numbers of these enchanting egrets
both of these were about 30cms.  I have seen a full grown grass snake cross the track here in Frampton Park but far too fast for me to photograph
baby woodmouse? ~3cms: Church Lane 2001
but this one didn't
Littlewood Farm  2008
Mallard sitting tight: Dorchester Road 2004
owl pellets: Metlands 2008
There were two adults and a heap of baby slow worms: Sheridan Close 2008. Someone had left a sheet of corrugated iron on the verge covering a heap of baler twine. The slow worms obviously thought it was a great place to raise a family so we left them to it
fox marker: Littlewood Farm 2007
note beetle wings and assorted seeds
Thrush Southover 2008
Spotted Flycatcher chicks 2008 Southover photo Steve Jeffrey
A phone call from David Drake to say a large slow worm was crossing their lawn set me off post haste to the other end of the village.  This magnificent specimen was making a stately progress which gave plenty of opportunity to examine him/her closely.  Joan had seen it start out at one edge of the lawn and it must have taken 10-15 minutes to cross to the other side.  It seemed absolutely OK so maybe, late evening, it was a little cold.  It slipped very neatly into the stones at the end of its journey
Dorchester Road 8/7/08
from Peacock Bridge
Hundreds of House Martins were feeding off insects along the length of the river through Frampton despite, or perhaps because of, an absolute downpour. There were a large number of Martins close to the Lime trees at Littlewood where the first two of these photographs were taken (along with dozens of others). The birds seem to be feeding close to the ground and perching on the barbed wire in between foraging.
Along the river (3rd photograph Peacock, 4th Sandways Bridge) they were catching mayflies along with other insects. I also went to Muckleford to photograph the traffic struggling through the floodwater and the birds were there as well.  And to Notton to check on the rising water and a heron took off practically under my nose as I got out of the car, a missed opportunity there 9/7/08
Buzzard 2005

Startled deer takes off Church Bottom 1999
Blackbird Dorchester Road 2007
I saw a dozen cormorants in the water meadow trees and I walked quietly along the track and river edge towards them keeping other trees and bushes between them and me.  They weren't at all bothered by my dog wandering about but I knew they would be alarmed when I stepped out into the open.  They took off immediately but I stood still and eventually they wheeled cautiously back to their look-out posts