Tom & Charles from Nebraska and Wyoming enjoy the River Frome and a peaceful Dorset day
May 2008

They were composing articles on English trout fishing for an American publication. The fish Charles caught were all returned to the river. The background photo is of the sky above Frampton on the day and mayflies were abundant.  I hope Tom got the photo he was after, of these photophobic little creatures.  I  managed, by sheer luck, to get quite a few mayfly shots a week later
While Charles went off upriver to catch some more trout,  Tom went on taking photographs.  At first they were fishing related shots but when I told him a little of the bridge's history and its likely connection to Sir Christopher Wren, he switched to the bridge.  It's the first time I've seen anyone taking photographs from the angles he chose.  Tom has been to Dorset before as he was a pupil at Canford School, (nr Wimborne) for a few years.  Apparently he was fishing the Stour which runs through the school grounds, when a salmon went cruising by, an encounter which made a huge impression on the 15 year old he was then. A splendid never to be forgotten memory of a Dorset river. Hopefully their day at Frampton will also remain as a good memory.
1890s The Weir below Peacock Bridge
from Robert Lazenby's collection
1950s Sandway Bridge
purchased ebay 2008
two earlier photos of fishing at Frampton